The Weary World Rejoices


December 2, 2020

I know so many of you are feeling what I am feeling this year. I have strong feelings about giving Thanksgiving a fighting chance and not pulling out Christmas, much before it happens. I like to have our thankful tree up and really focus on all the things we have to be grateful for during November.

However, this year…we had our Christmas tree up by mid-November and Christmas music was playing in October. I have quite a few Christmas presents tucked away. And a few weeks ago we took our annual trip the the Hallmark Store to let the kids each pick out an ornament. And through all of this, the words that keep ringing in my hear are…”the weary world rejoices!”

I am feeling that sooo deep down this year. This words have taken on a whole new meaning for me and I think a lot of the world. I am grateful for Christmas and the joy and spirit it brings into our lives each year. This year have been tricky (for everyone)…to say the least, but gosh, it feels good to feel the “thrill of hope” and rejoice in the coming season of Christmas.

I linked all 4 opinions below as free printables. I hope you will enjoy them and they will help add to the Christmas spirit in your homes and families.


25 Days of Kindness

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DIY Bookmark Printable


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