The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

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April 10, 2023

Easter Egg Coupons 2023

This year we talked it over with the kids and they told us their favorite stuffed plastic eggs were the ones that had paper coupons in them to redeem for activities.

So in years past we have put things in the eggs like:

Go on a walk with Dad to the grocery store

Stay up 30 mins past bedtime

Make cookies with Mom

Date with Dad and Mom


The the kids would then get to use these throughout the year (all coupons expire the day before Easter the following year). 

Often times our kids will say they want to cash in a coupon to go on a date or make cookies, but the that day doesn’t work, so I immediately pull out my calendar and make a plan for when it does. I don’t want them to feel like I am putting them off or that they can’t use their coupons.

My goal is to make things easy for them to redeem them, but also not overcomplicate my life on a day that will just not work to add something to it.

But at the same time, if my kids hand me a play a game with Mom coupon and I can play right then, then I will let them turn it in and play right away.

So, this year after talking with the kids we decided they wanted all of the eggs to be filled with coupons. I said I would agree to that, if some of them were challenges and if some of them were chores.

I explained that some of the eggs they would open up would say something like:

Find the other person with the green dot and play rock paper scissors (best out of three) and the winner gets $1. (Then I put a green dot on two papers with this exact same message in two different eggs)

They would face off and then we would hand the winner a dollar. Some of the cash amounts were $1 and some were $20 and everything in between. Just depending on how challenging it was.

If the same person got both the eggs with the green dot we had them choose a sibling to complete against. So, they still had to complete the challenge and not just automatically win the money.

We also had individual challenges like:

Do 10 push-ups in 10 seconds for $5

So, the person that opened that egg would have the opportunity to earn $5 of they could complete the challenge. If the challenge was not completed in the right amount of time or way, no money was earned.

The kids went in knowing that they wouldn’t get the money unless they actually completed the challenge. 

We also put a few chores that had to be completed today or turned into us and we will hand them back to them on a later date so we can cash in on them completing the task.

We didn’t do a ton of these, but honestly, when the kids opened the chore cards they mostly just laughed and did it. Jackson was smart and let kids buy his chore cards off of him. So, if they did two of his chores he gave them one of his good coupons.

This was fun because after all was completed the kids were bartering and trading for dates with us or Jackson got a card that said build a blanket fort with Dad that he didn’t really care about but he knew one of the younger kids would love, so he had fun trading for something he would rather do with one of the other kids coupons.

So, if you are going to add in the challenges or chores and not just activities/fun events for other days just have a talk with your kids before the event begins. I really feel like they were a lot more okay to open the chore cards because we had prepped them that they would be inside some of the eggs and they knew it was a wild card each time they opened the egg.

Also, a side note about the chores…I made them REALLY easy for my age kids. Nothing that would be too hard for any of them to do or too time consuming as you will see on the list below.

Let me know if you have any other questions about how we worked all of this, but without further ado here is the list we used this year.


Go on a date with Mom and Dad

Family Game Night

Indoor Camping Night

Movie Night

Family Adventure Day

Trip to the craft store to pick out a craft

Play tennis with Dad at the Country Club

Go get donuts on a Saturday morning

Play a game with Mom

Make cookies with Mom

Invite Stella on a date with you Mom and Dad

Play catch with Dad

Let’s go out to eat with the whole family—-you pick the restaurant

Family Bowling 

Let’s have a tea party (invite any of your siblings that want to join us)

Family hike and picnic

Trip to the grocery store to buy something


Hand this over to mom for a lego set (I had already bought a set and had it on hand)

Give this ticket to Dad for a dollar

No chore day!

Stay up 30 minutes past bedtime

Redeem this for a DQ Blizzard

20 mins of video games

You pick the movie on pizza movie night

You pick a special dinner you want Mom to make

Trip to the bookstore to buy a book

Breakfast in bed

Redeem this for $10

Redeem this for $5

Go on a bike ride with Mom or Dad

Chores: (These did not have any money attached to them, but they has to complete the to be eligible to participate in any of the individual or buddy challenge cards)

Make _________ (someone’s name) bed

Wash the back door window

Unload the dishwasher

Sweep the kitchen floor

Pick a buddy and clean dad’s car out (but don’t forget to look in the glovebox for a special reward)

Wipe down the bathroom mirrors in your bathroom

Empty all the bathroom garbages

Dust the window seals in the library

Water the plants in the kitchen

Wipe down the front of the fridge

Buddy Challenges:

Find the other person with a green dot and play rock, paper, scissors (best out of 3)—winner gets $1

Find the other person with an orange dot and do a plank contest—whoever holds it the longest wins $5

Find the other person with a pink dot and do a headstand contest—whoever wins gets $2

Find the other person with a purple dot and see who can hold their breath the longest—whoever wins gets $3

Find the other person with a yellow dot and have a skipping contest—(ask Mom to set up a start and finish line) winner gets $2

Find the other person with a blue dot and see who can keep a balloon in the air the longest (without it touching the ground)—(ask mom for balloons) winner gets $3

Find the other person with a red dot and have a chubby bunny contest—(ask mom for marshmallows) winner gets $5

Find the other person with the black dot and have a leg wrestle (best out of 3)—winner gets $5

Find the other person with a brown dot and have a don’t laugh challenge. Make the other person laugh first—winner gets $2

Find the other person with grey dot and have a bubble blowing contest—(ask mom for a piece of bubble gum) First person to blow a bubble bigger than 1 inch, wins $1

Individual Challenges:

Do 10 pushups in 10 seconds —-$3

Do 50 jumping jacks for $2

Bounce a ping ball into a cup in less than 30 second and get $5

Memorize a scripture for $5

Bounce a tennis ball on a tennis racket for 30 seconds for $5 (if you rotate sides of the racket face $10)

Pushup position bounce a tennis ball with your racket 3 times—$5

Give everyone in the family a sincere complement for $5

Balance a book on your head and walk down the hallway without it falling off for $2 

Make a goal and stick with it for 1 month and get $10

Learn how to juggle for $10

Do five random acts for kindness for your siblings and then tell Mom for $5

Say your morning and night prayers every day for a week and get $5

Funny Challenges:

Paint Lois’s toenails for $3

Tell Martin a joke for $1

Give this paper to Dad and tell him one thing you love about him for $1

Hold Bennett’s hand and skip down the hall singing “Row Row Row Your Boat” for $5

Give each of your siblings a hug for $3

Okay, so I am sure I missed a few, but I wanted to get this list out to you as soon as possible! Also, any of these coupons can be put into multiple eggs…ie, you can have more than one stay up past bedtime or learn how to juggle cards tucked into your eggs. It is completely up to you! We double up on many of these ideas so the kids can have more coupons to open. 

I also want to make this into a printable list and something you can easily use with your family by taking out my kids names and making it pretty, but for now this will get your mind thinking and prepping for next year.

If you had any ideas you would like me to add to this list, please feel free to tell me below.

Hope this was helpful! 


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