I'm the founder of The Book Report! I help moms find good quality books for their kids. My goal is to make it easy for busy moms by sharing  resources to foster a love of reading.

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I share reading tips, book recommendations, real life organizations and routines that help foster a love of reading.

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After I started my own little family I began to really read and collect books. I love sharing quiet moments reading with my little ones. 

Today I am a Mom to six kids between the ages of 13 and 2 years old and I have the perfect excuse to add books to our shelves (six little faces that call me mom).  

From about 4th grade through high school I could have been found reading by flashlight until all hours of the night.  

In college, I found textbooks to be my main source of reading material, but I loved stopping by the bookstore and wandering through the children’s books every now and then. 

I fell in love with books on the laps of my parents. With my Dad reading Dr. Suess on repeat and my Mom reading aloud to me, everything from picture books to chapter books like Harry Potter.  

The journey that brought me to this website has been a founded on a lifetime of books and reading.

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