Thank-O-Rama: 5 Days of Gratitude Challenge


May 31, 2019

Published by Disney Book Group

This blog post is written in partnership with Disney Book Group.  I am partnering with them as an ambassador this year and I can’t wait to introduce you to Harold and Hog in Harold & Hog Pretend fo Real! by Dan Santat for the Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! series.


I love that there is a whole month geared toward being thankful with Elephant and Piggie—Thank-O-Rama! Being thankful is one of those core values I really want to instill in my kids. So, I decided it would be worth pausing and adding a little gratitude to this month with a Thank-O-Rama Thankful Challenge.


However, like other busy families, I don’t feel like I have tons of time to add another thing to our schedule, so I wanted this challenge to be simple and straight forward but pack a HUGE thankful punch.


Here’s how it works…


Each day, you will have one thankful challenge.


Day 1: Do an anonymous simple act of service for a sibling (ie. make their bed, put away their shoes, put away a mess they made etc). Being sneaky little ninjas and doing something kind for someone you are thankful for sure does feel good. Don’t forget to fill out your Thankful List

Gratitude List


Day 2: Plant something to show your gratitude for the earth. Grab some seeds or a small seedling or maybe a little tree from a local nursery to plant in your yard.


Day 3: Mail or deliver a Thank You or Thankful card to someone (you can grab from the Thank-O-Rama site here, along with other fun printables). Everyone loves snail mail, because it is such a treat when you randomly get something other than a bill in the mail. So send a Grandparent or an old school teacher a card, or deliver a note to someone else you are thankful for. If you don’t want to deliver a card, just leave notes of why you are thankful for each other on one another’s pillows.

Day 4: Set up an obstacle course, crab walk, skip, learn how to waltz or line dance or just play tag to remind you how thankful we are for bodies that move and breath, and can learn new things. What a miracle our bodies are that they do so much for us each day, without us even having to think about it. Talk about why you love your body just the way it is.

Day 5: Deliver cookies to a neighbor or friend that you are thankful for and let them know you appreciate what they do. It is always nice to let a good friend know you are thankful for them!

Good friends are so wonderful! Elephant and Piggie are such a good example of how two friends might not be exactly the same, but they can still be kind, listen, and have a blast! In their newest book in the Elephant & Piggie Love To ReaLike Reading!series, Harold & Hog Pretend for Real!, Harold and Hog decide they want to pretend to be Elephant and Piggie. Hog tries to act like Piggie and Harold tries his best impression of Gerald. However, Hog is more like Gerald and Harold’s personality is more like Piggie’s. Harold and Hog soon realize that they don’t have to be anything but themselves to be best friends like Gerald and Piggie. What a great lesson of how friends can be thankful for each other and love each other just the way they are!

Below you will find the last part of the challenge. Because there is something we can find each day to be thankful for, you can print out this 5 Days of Gratitude printable and each day during the challenge each member of your family can write one thing that happened to you or something you feel especially thankful for.

5 Days of Gratitude


I hope this challenge helps you and your family find a little more gratitude!


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