25 Days of Kindness 2020

Family Life

December 2, 2020

Back by popular demand is this year’s kindness countdown. More than ever, I feel we are all needing to look beyond ourselves and find ways to show kindness to the people around us. Our kids are no exception. The more opportunities we give them to look beyond their own lives and help others with kind gestures will allow them to have more love and empathy in their hearts. I am hoping as you fill out this countdown with your kids you will be inspired to find random acts of kindness to serve the people around you.

I am hopeful that most of these tasks are things kids can accomplish by themselves, however, there are dome that might be a little tricky for their age or without a little help from you. One of the tasks calls for a child to read a book to someone. Your child might be too young to read, but pick out one of their favorite books and let them tell you the story or ‘read it’ in their own way. Also, be sure to look ahead and read through all the items, because they don’t need to be completed in any order. Plus, some of them like, take your neighbors garbage up to their house after garbage day will be area specific.

After each task is completed let your child pick an item to color in on the tree. The green part of the Christmas tree is the only part of the tree that will not get colored in on any day, they can just color this part to get the tree ready!


25 Days of Kindness

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