Ten Rules of the birthday wish


February 14, 2019

Ten Rules Of The Birthday Wish

Written By: Beth Ferry
Illustrated By: Tom Lichtenheld


Rule no. 9: You must blow out the candles (on your birthday cake) in one single breath. Unless you are a camel, then ask one of your friends to help you, because no one likes cake spritzed with camel spit. 😆


There are TEN, count them on your fingers, TEN essential Rules For Making of a Birthday Wish. First, it must be your birthday or at least close to your birthday. Then you must have some sort of celebration and hats will certainly elevate the mood of the party. This adorable book walks kids through how to make the perfect birthday wish. And no matter who you are or how old you are never forget that birthdays rule!


This book will have you both laughing out loud and making your heart want to explode with sweetness. It is perfect for celebrating every child’s favorite day of them year—their birthday.




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