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February 12, 2019

This list of board books is filled with books about love, perfect for ALL YEAR around. Two of the books on this list are valentine’s specific, but I note those in my comments. This book list is a great for exploring books about love with your little one.

In my opinion, board books aren’t always meant to be read front to back. I like to explore board books with my tinest babies by just pointing out things in the pictures and telling my own version of the story. But as the child grows and their attention span lengthens then I add in reading the actual text. Some of these are a little more text heavy than others, but they are all family favorites. 

Love Monster

By: Rachel Bright

Everyone LOVES adorable, sweet, cuddly, fluffy things, but nobody loves a hairy googly eyed monster! Poor Monster. So, monster sets out to find someone who will love him just the way he is. Great for teaching kids that sometimes love is where you least expect it and it hapens when you aren’t even looking for it. Also great for talking about being true to who yoi are and not changing to fit in.

Romeo and Juliet

Written By: Jennifer Adams
Illustrated By: Alison Oliver

This adorable little classics primer will have yoi child cpunting through the stpry of Romeo and Juliet. Each page features and number and then an important item or person from the classic story. Great intoduction to a classic story and its characters, while also learning to count to 10.

You Are My Sunshine

By: Caroline Jayne Church

This sweet classic song put into a book! You will adore singing or reading this book with you little one. Great for comforting little ones and letting them know you love them.

Love Is A Tutu

Written By: Amy Novesky
Illustrated By: Sara Gillingham

The book is filled with Black and White illustrations with a touch of neon pink. This book is an ode to ballet and all the things to love about it. If you have a little one who loves ballet you need this book. If you have a child that loves firetrucks, check out this book’s companion book Love Is A Firetruck (also adorable).

Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse

Written by: Laura Numeroff
Illustrated By: Felicia Bond

This is the only book on this list specific to Valentine’s Day and showing people our love during that time of year. Mouse is making Valentines for his friends and he wants each one to be special and unique. He takes his time and makes each card just right for each friend. Mouse can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to arrive so he can hand them out.

Hello, Love!

By: Taro Miura

How do animals show their love? by touching trunks, beaks, and noses! Monkey’s hoot and holler and mommy and daddy say “I Love you.” Such a sweet story about all the love around us and how we share it with each other.

I Love You For Miles And Miles

Written By: Alison Goldberg
Illustrated By: Mike Yamada

Love can be stronger than the strongest excavator, faster than the fastest fire truck, and steadier than the steadiest tugboat. No matter how far you are or where you go, love travels with you…always and always. Great for letting kids know they can still feel love even when they are away from the people that love them.

Llama Llama I Love You

By: Anna Dewdney

Another book about Valentine’s Day and sharing our love through homemade cards , glitter, lace, chocolates, and flowers. Such a cute simple book about love and how we can spread it for Valentine’s Day. 


I Love You Through And Through

Written By: Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak
Illustrated By: Caroline Jayne Church

This sweet story is all about how much we love our little ones! We love all their sides with all their emotions (big and small), and how we will never stop loving them. My kids love acting out this book and having me point to all the things on their bodies that this book talks about. Such a great book for letting kids know our love is never ending. 



1 2 3 You Love Me

By: Jill Howarth

This sweet illustrations will capture your heart. It is a counting book that counts things that can make us feel love from 1-12. One big bear hug, four cookies with milk, nine good friends, and eleven toys that fill the day with fun. So many things to express love and gratitude for in our lives. Great for showing kids we have so much to be grateful for and express love about. 

That’s Me Loving You

Written By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Illustrated By: Teagan White

This was originally a picture book that they turned into a board book format, because it is that good. This book shows kids that even when they aren’t with the people who love them that their love for them never stops. That their love is all around them—in the shimmering stars, in the warm breeze, and in the butterfly passing by.

Mama How Long Will You Love Me?

By: Anna Pignataro

Mama shows Sammy how their love is as everlasting as everything they see and do. Love will never stop, but it goes on and on. 

Counting Kisses

By: Karen Katz

This board book will have you counting kisses and making your little one squeal with each new kiss you plant on their body. It starts with a baby that is read for a nap and by the time everyone kisses that sweet baby she is sound asleep. Also, check out Daddy Hugs.

Guess How Much I Love You?

Written By: Sam McBratney
Illustrated By: Anita Jarem

Little Nutbrown Hare, wants to show Big Nutbrown Hare just how much he loves him. However, love as big as his can be hard to measure! Such a sweet story of the love of a father and son. Great for sharing our immeasurable love with each other.



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