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March 11, 2019

I can’t believe Spring is just around the corner! It’s hard to imagine putting away the winter coats and saying hello to all the new birds that will soon be making appearances in our backyard.  I love Spring and all the new life that comes after the dormant, restful winter.  I especially love the temperature that warms and cools and makes you excited for Summer.  I have so many favorite books that feature Spring, so it seemed necessary to put together a book list for this time of year.  This list contains both picture books and board books.  Happy Springtime reading!  This post does contain affiliate links, meaning if you click on a book it will take you to Amazon and I will receive a little money from each sell.

Abracadabra It’s Spring!

Written By: Anne Sibley O’Brien
Illustrated By: Susan Gal
This book feels like magic! Say the magic words and lift the pages to reveal new green shoots where snow used to stand and beautiful fluffy pussy willows where bare sticks were before. Unfold the magic of spring on each page. We love this one!

See-Through Stories Springtime Splash!

By: Anne Passchier
Spring has arrived to the pond and in this book you take a peek at what life in the pond looks like during this time of year. Very simple text about what duck, frog, dragonfly and others like about Springtime in the pond. The velum cutouts make this a fun board book to explore.

When Spring Comes

By: Kevin Henkes
The winter is cold and bleak, covered by snow and brown, but if you wait….the leaves will open and the blossoms will pop. The snow will melt and green grass will slowly appear. Listen and you will hear the buzzing of bees and the happy tweets of birds.

And Then It’s Spring

Written By: Julie Fogliano
Illustrated By: Erin E. Stead
This is one of my favorite Spring books, so if you are only going to get one or two from this list, let this be at the top. A little boy plants seeds as the winter snows melt and we watch the landscape change from brown to green little by little as the days pass and the weather warms up. The visual illustration of Spring in this book is so good.

Bear Wants More

Written By: Karma Wilson
Illustrated By: Jane Chapman
Bear has awoken from his long winter hibernation and he is hungry! He follows his friends out into the Spring landscape and eats all the berries and all the salmon, but he wants MORE! He just can’t get enough. By the time he has eaten his fill he heads back to his cave only to discover he can’t fit through the opening.

Spring Babies

Written By: Kathryn O. Galbraith
Illustrated By: Adela Pons
A simple board book with one of two words per page, featuring things babies/toddlers would see in the Spring—puddles, birds, and greenery. A sweet book in a series of four books featuring each season.

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

Written By: Alice Schertle
Illustrated By: Jill Mc Elmurry
Beep! Beep! Little Blue Truck and Toad are out in the fresh Spring air discovering the sites of spring—the bright spring colors and the warm cool days, but the most exciting part? Meeting all the new baby animals! Lift the flap on each page and discover the new baby animals.

Fletcher And The Springtime Blossoms

Written By: Julia Rawlingson
Illustrated By: Tiphanie Beeke
Fletcher loves everything about spring: listening to the birds sing, smelling just-opened flowers, and playing chase with butterflies. But then Fletcher sees something he never expected to see in spring: snow. Oh, no!

Spring For Sophie

Written By: Yael Werber
Illustrated By: Jen Hill
From snowy days to gray skies, Sophie waits and watches and waits…..annnnnnd waits, will Spring ever come? Her mother tells her the first signs of Spring arrive in sound. So, Sophie listens. Sophie uses each of her five senses to figure out if Spring has arrived.

Spring: A Pop-Up Book

By: David A. Carter
This pop-up book is beautiful, but it is delicate, so watch those little fingers. However, this book is magical and captures the attention of my kids. With simple text young readers are able to understand and enjoy the story.  Each page depicts common springtime animals and plants. All the illustrations are labeled (ie. robins, water lilies, fawns, cherry trees, etc.).

Mouse’s First Spring

Written By: Lauren Thompson
Illustrated By: Buket Erdogan
Mouse and Momma head outside and discover that Spring has arrived and is blooming all around them. They spot butterflies, snails, new flowers, and wiggly worms. This is a classic board book that will encourage conversations about Spring with your little one.

A Little Book About Spring

By: Leo Lionni and Julie Hamilton
Mouse pops his head out into the Spring air and is so glad it has arrived and brought tree buds, blooming flowers, chirping birds, and buzzing bees. This book would be great for exploring descriptive words about Spring and allows kids to see how the world comes alive after a long cold winter.

Baby Loves Spring

By: Karen Katz
As baby goes outside to explore the Springtime, what will baby see? Lift-the-flaps and discover baby robins, wiggly worms in the garden, funny frogs in the puddles, and more! This is especially entertaining with the lift-the-flaps and children can see another baby exploring the world the way they might do so too.

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit

By: IL Sung Na
Most of this book focuses mostly on winter and what animals do during the winter months, but I like to read this alongside all these Springtime books to remind kids what animals have been doing all winter. And what is now taking place in the Spring. It has a very cute simple text and it depicts animals migrating, hibernating, and getting cozy for the winter. It ends with all the animals returning for Spring.

Planting A Rainbow

By: Lois Ehlert
We love this cute board book about Spring arriving and planting a garden full of beautiful colors. Simple text, bright colors, and real flower/plant names bring this book to life. Great book for exploring color!

In My Nest

Written By: Sara Gillingham
Illustrated By: Lorena Siminovich
This little board book features a finger puppet bird in the middle. As you turn the pages of the book you uncover the layers of the baby bird’s nest and find him snuggled in the nest with his mom and dad. Not Spring specific, but with all the new life and birds nests in the Spring we love this book!

Tap The Magic Tree

By: Christie Matheson
This interactive book is a favorite around here. This book is a great book for exploring seasons. So, while this doesn’t just focus on Spring, it does feature Spring along with it’s other three counterparts. It feels magical to tap, shake, and blow the tree to watch what happens when you turn the page.

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