Because By: Mo Willems


March 19, 2019

This blog post is written in partnership with Disney Book Group. This year I am partnering with them as an ambassador and sharing Mo Willems newest books. We love his books and can’t wait to introduce them you! 

Because one person chooses to act a certain way or make a specific choice, lives can be changed forever. We all make choices every day. From what shirt we will put on to which way we comb our hairand which shoes we slip on after grabbing a quick breakfast of whatever we choose. Some of life’s choices are small and insignificant, while some are big and make a huge impact on our future.


16 years ago I walked into a matted brown carpeted apartment with a cracked linoleum kitchen floor, that had paint peeling from the walls. I was unsure I would be able to sleep a single night in that old apartment. But the girls I had chosen to room with were set to stay and I decided I would too.  


Because I decided to stay my roommate begged me to go on a blind double date with her.


Because I went on this double date, her date decided he was more interested in me.


Because I wasn’t so interested in him, loyalty to my roommate and the fact that he was graduating in a few months, he tried harder to get my attention.


Because he wanted to impress me he drove my favorite hamburger 6 hours to me, which resulted in soggy buns. 


Because he tried this hard, I knew he was someone special. So I held on tight.


Because I held on tight, we dated almost 2 years and finally got married.


Because we got married he met my uncle and decided to change his career.


Because he decided to change his career he went back to school. 

Because he went back to school we moved to Los Angeles while he studied to become a dentist while I took care of three small children. 


Because he went to school at UCLA we met many friends, that became like family. 


Because he decided to specialize we moved to Gainesville, FL so he could go tothe University of Florida. 


Because we made friends with the Terry family at UCLA they called us and told us about a job in South Dakota. 


Because of that job offer we moved to Sioux Falls, SD for two years. 


Because the job didn’t turn out quite the way we had wanted we decided to start looking for a new job. 


Because my younger brother had finished school and moved to Texas he told us about a job that had just become available in Texas.


Because he told us about that job we moved to Austin, TX, built a house and are setting down roots. 


Because of our love for each other and our love for children, we now have six kids that are living their own lives and starting out on their own paths of “Because…”


This beautifully written AND illustrated book explores the idea of because. It starts with Beethoven and because he felt inspired to write music, a young Franz Schubert wrote his own music.

Because he wrote his own music, people decided to learn to play his music. Because a young girl’s uncle got sick, her aunt offered her his ticket to the orchestra. Because this young girl attended this performance, she was inspired by the music she wanted to write her own music. Because of this she grew up and wrote music of her own and became wellloved for her compositions. 

Don’t sit on this one! Pick up your own copy now. While the book is recommended for ages 3-5, it’s sure to spark some thoughtful conversation for the whole family.

What “Because’s” have fill your life and made a difference? Tell me about them below or on Instagram!



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