Llama Destroys The World + Bookmark printable


September 5, 2019

This book has been hands down the MOST read book this Summer. I think we have read it almost every day since we received it in May. I am not exaggerating that at all.  Martin and Callaghan laugh out loud at this book, the three older kids laughed out loud the first time they read it (and still smile when they hear the little kids laughing). And my 13 year old niece oooh-ed and awed over it this Summer, when we were visiting their house. I mean a chubby (adorable) llama rips his pants while dancing and rips a hole in the fabric of the universe! 😂🙌🏼 You just can’t make this story better than this.

On Monday, Llama finds a pile of cake. More cake than any llama should ever eat. Llama eats it all! This was his first mistake. Tuesday’s were for dancing, so llama put on his dancing pants, but those beloved pants did not fit quite the same after all that cake from the day before. He huffed and squeezed himself into those pants and danced. But those dancing pants didn’t stand a chance….and they ripppppped! A rip that was so thunderous it tore a hole in the fabric of the universe. Now, what is a llama to do? You can buy a copy of this adorable book here: Llama Destroys The World. 

Because we have loved if so much it inspired me to make a little Free Printable for all of you to print off and enjoy. These bookmarks are so fun because they are magnetic and will stick to your book page. I hope you love them! If you end up printing them off and using them, tag me on instagram @the.book.report, so I can share them in my IG stories.  LLAMA BOOKMARKS

Print off your llama bookmarks and color them.

You will need to buy some adhesive Magnetic sheets. You can buy some on Amazon or pick them up at a local craft store. 

Cut out your bookmarks and cuts strips of magnets. Each strip can be divided into four smaller strips.

Bookmarks and Magnets, ready for the next step. If you wanted your bookmarks to last, you could laminate them at this point, before putting on the magnets.

Fold your bookmarks in half along the dotted line. Peel off the adhesive on the back of the magnets and attach it to the inside of your bookmarks.

The bookmark in use. The magnet will attach over a page (half on one side and fold it over the top of the page and then the magnets will attach). Saving your spot in any book you are reading. And stays secure, because of the magnetic feature.



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