Paddington and Giveaway


December 30, 2017

Giveaway Now Closed:

Paddington is one of those characters that draws on nostalgia and reminds me of childhood. He is a character that is almost real, someone so familiar or frequently read that it feels a part of my life. There are a few book characters, that my parents read to me, that feel this way. They are an elite group book characters, but I am sure you could guess a few of them.😊


Did you realize Paddington 2 comes out January 12? It will be fun to take my kids to see it! They loved the first one.

In partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, enter to win a $50 visa gift card, a Paddington stuffed bear, and a limited edition pop-up Paddington book!

It’s easy to enter, simply tell me your favorite childhood book character to be entered to win.

Giveaway open to US residents. Giveaway closes on 1/1/2018. Must be 18 or older to enter. Sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Winner: Rachael (please send me your contact info)

  1. Vera says:

    Ramona the pest

  2. Alise says:

    Winnie the Pooh!

  3. Julie Robertson says:

    I loved the Berenstain Bears

  4. Alyssa Workman says:

    My favorite character from my childhood would have to be Chrysanthemum.

  5. Jackie says:

    I loved Madeline as a child!

  6. Looks like fun for my two boys. Would love to watch.

  7. Grace Burby says:

    Heidi is my favorite.

  8. Veronique says:

    As I’m from Belgium, my favorite is probably not known in the US but here it is: Bob and Bobette. On the other hand my youngest’s favorite is definitely Paddington. We all love him.

  9. Justine says:

    Paddington is so cute! We’re excited to see the new movie! My favorite book character as a kid was Pooh bear.

  10. Amy says:

    I loved Corduroy and Madeline. When I found out I was pregnant, Corduroy was one of the first things on my registry. My son doesn’t yet love him like I did but he loves reading so that’s a bigger win I suppose.

  11. Sarah Roethele says:

    Anne of Green gables!

  12. Adrian says:

    Mine growing up was probably Madeline. My kids have loved Clifford, but there are so many amazing characters to choose from.

  13. Nina victor says:

    This may sound so crazy but I LOVED little critter. I always loved looking for the little mouse on each page! I do have to say though as soon as I saw this post of paddington, my heart smiled because it brought me back to my childhood and I am rocking my 3 month old and can’t wait to share reading memories with her soon!

  14. colette says:

    I love Ramona Quimby, that spunky little squirt makes me smile just thinking about her and her grand adventures…

  15. Kelly Fitzgerald says:

    I loved Amelia Bedelia when I was a child!

  16. Tod says:

    Winnie the Pooh and friends

  17. Jenna says:

    My favorite was “the amazing bone” by william steig.
    I still love it today!

  18. Cher says:

    Nancy Drew!!! She was my all-time FAV as a kid!

  19. Ginger says:

    Nancy drew!

  20. Becky B says:

    My favorite childhood book character is “Miss Suzy,” by Miriam Young (illustrations by Arnold Lovely).

  21. Emily says:

    My favorite character growing up was Stevie, one of the girls in the Saddle Club series. She was spunky and loyal and I wanted to be like her. 😊

  22. Alma says:

    The Flintstones

  23. Janessa says:

    Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh)

  24. Kailee says:

    My favorite childhood book character was Matilda ✨, though I also loved Biscuit the dog 😊🐕

  25. Peggy Campfield says:

    My favorite character from a childhood book was Lucy from the Narnia Chronicles

  26. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I had a lot of favorites, but Winnie the Pooh is one I always read with my dad and feel especially nostalgic about.

  27. Amy Martin says:

    Mary Anne from Babysitter’s Club! I didn’t read much beyond those books! 🙃

  28. Leisha Lesko-Openo says:

    Alice – do you suppose she’s a wildflower?

  29. Serena says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!
    My favorite childhood character was a different bear…Winnie the Pooh 😊 but our 2 year old would be hard pressed to pick one. She loves Paddington, Pooh, Tigger, Pete the Cat, Madeline, and Llama Llama (to name a few 😄).

  30. Cissy Noland says:

    I am a media clerk in an elementary school. So many fun booksxare being made into movies now!!
    We do a Gingerbreadman hunt -been doing it for 26 years to with the Gingerbreadman book!! So I guess that would be my favorite!! But Paddington should be great too!!

  31. Brittany says:

    My favorite childhood book character is Peter Rabbit!

  32. Emily Wilson says:

    My favorite childhood book was Madeline.

  33. Suzanne says:

    As a child, my mom took us to the public library regularly. I checked out and eventually read every Curious George book they had. My favorite character was Curious George.

  34. Meg says:

    Curious George 🙂

  35. Veronica says:

    My favorite childhood book was The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse. I loved both main characters 🙂

  36. Melissa Martin says:

    Paddington is definitely on the top of my list of childhood favorites. I also love Madeline. Reading and sharing books with my daughter is such a treasured memory. Now she’s a Mama and carrying on the tradition.

  37. Amanda says:

    Corduroy was always a favorite. 😀

  38. Tonya says:

    Thats such a hard question because there is so many good one. Since I have three boys that I read to I will say Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. For my 16 month old I like David..from David Shannon books to read to him. Those two charactors are favorites at my house. ☺

  39. Katie says:

    When I was a kid my favorite book character was Lucy from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

  40. Ashley Melander says:

    I always loved Matilda. I can relate to her in that I didn’t have many friends and would spend most of my childhood getting lost in the stories and characters of my favorite books.

  41. Stephanie says:

    The little prince

  42. Sara tate says:

    We love all of the Olivia books!

  43. Lindsey says:

    Such a beautiful book! Pooh Bear was always one of my favorites as a kid!

  44. Rachael says:


  45. Maya says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. For me it’s Winnie the Pooh. I just adore him and my son is following in my footsteps.

  46. My favorite childhood character was Curious George!

  47. Jessica says:

    My favorite character was Pippi Longstocking … she was so quirky.

  48. Jennifer Kraft says:

    My favorite book was Dangerous Island (so hard to find!!) But I’ve read Madeline to my 4 year old every night since she was born. She has it memorized:) I JUST introduced her to Paddington, and she’s in Love!!!

  49. Jen says:

    My favorite childhood book Character has always been Ferdinand.

    The fact that they made a movie about it… my heart is complete!

  50. Sara says:

    My favorite is Madeline!

  51. Christina L says:

    A tie between Paddington and The Cat in the Hat!

  52. Dani says:

    I loved the Ramona and Beezus series.

  53. Zarina says:

    Curious George!

  54. Amber says:

    I loved Paddingtin Bear growing up as well. I also loved The Berenstain Bears & Teddy Ruxpin!

  55. Camie says:

    I loved Winnie the Pooh as a child! What a fun giveaway!

  56. Keshia Mayrhofer says:

    I loved reading Winnie the Pooh with my parents when I was a kid! He still has a special place in my heart 🙂

  57. Michelle says:


  58. Little island studios says:

    Winnie the Pooh!

  59. Andrea says:

    The tree in Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. I remember feeling so sad for the tree but loving how generous she was to the boy she loved so much.

  60. Kim McDermid says:

    I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, especially Donetello!

  61. Christine Dulling says:

    Madeline! 🙂

  62. Meghan says:

    Oliver in The Troll and the Oliver.

  63. Amanda says:

    Grover was my favorite! I knew the Monster at the End of This Book buy heart. 🙂

  64. Samantha N says:

    My name is Samantha, but everyone has always called me Sam. My favorite character was always Sam I Am from Green Eggs & Ham. I love that book and it had become my oldest daughter’s favorite book now 😊

  65. My favorite children’s book character growing up was Winnie the Pooh! My kids love elephant and piggie right now. I loved Paddington and had a stuffed bear that my kids play with now. They love him too!

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