New Years Eve With Kids


December 25, 2023

Looking for a way to make New Years Eve with kids fun!

For the first few years with kids we didn’t know what to do, on NYE, and the day felt flat, for Marc and I and our little kids. But then years ago, my brother and sister-in-law introduced us to this idea and we haven’t looked back!

We put little slips of paper, with activities listed on them into balloons.

Each balloon has a hour/time day written on it.

We string the balloons up and when the time written on the outside of the balloon arrives we pop the balloon and do whatever the activity is inside of it.

Also, if you don’t have balloons on hand, use paper bags, envelopes, fold a piece of paper in half…get creative, but keep it simple! Kids think its fun no matter how the activity is presented to them.

Start your day at whatever time works best for you, we usually start at 9am and have something on the hour every hour until 8pm.

The activities can be as simple as dance to a song or as involved as make air dry pottery. We have done many many things over the years, but here are a few ideas…

-read a book

-make fancy drinks

-take a walk

-breakfast (big or small….make a big breakfast or simply have a few new boxed of cereal)

-go bowling

-stop watch races! Race around the outside footprint of your hour or down the sidewalk etc

-go see a movie

-make noise makers (paper plates…color them/decorate them, then put a small rocks or beans inside and staple or tape up the edges)

-make root beer floats

-play a card game

-go for a bike ride

-make an obstacle course

-try to learn to juggle

-make playdough

-talent show

-lunch! (I am telling you, I keep it super simple some of the hours)

-dance parties

-make beaded bracelets

-make cookies or brownies or a treat your family enjoys

-minute to win it type games

-around the world with ping pong table

-draw each others portraits (each person starts with a piece of paper and they draw the shape of their head, then you pass the paper to your left and they draw a nose, you pass the paper again and this person draws your eyes etc, everyone adds something until all the portraits are finished)

-Fold paper airplanes

-Tell a story about someone from your family history

-Share a favorite memory of each child 

-make pizza (or order it!)

-Race the timer (or someone) stacking plastic cups

-Paint kindness rocks and leave them in your neighborhood

-Leave post it notes on cars in a parking lot with encouraging messages or cute drawings

-Do a science experiment

-Snuggle up: make a blanket fort, pull out blankets pillows, pop popcorn, and watch a movie at home

-miniature golfing

-make ice cream sundaes

-Make a bird feeder (google and there are tons of ideas)

-Set up a hopscotch inside with painters tape or outside with sidewalk chalk

-Play marbles

-Teach your kids a new card game

-relay races

-sing a silly song

-buy ice cream cones and ice cream (this is not something we normally do and my kids love actual cones at home!)

-Lip sync contest


-Use painters tape and hot wheels cars make a track or launch them, see who’s car goes the farthest

-Share your ideas below!👇🏼

*If you have older kids you could have a few small prizes or cash prizes on hand to make it a little more competitive. 


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