Top 10 Books I Read In 2023


January 4, 2024

Top 10 books I read this year

I read over 100 books this year, but wasn’t overly wowed by a lot of them, because of that it was pretty easy to narrow down my top ten books of the year: 

(In no particular order☺️)

If it has romance in the book, I will state if it is open door or closed door below each book description. What is closed door and open door you might ask…

Open Door: Physical Intimacy (bedroom scenes) on the page

Closed Door: Kissing, but it doesn’t go much further physically than that

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 reads from this last year.

The True Love Experiment

By: Christina Lauren

Fizzy has lost her spark and she’s got the worst case of mental block trying write her next romance novel. When she’s approached to star in a new dating show, she scoffs at first but realizes the potential quickly. Working with the show’s producer, Connor, they come up with a concept for The True Love Experiment. But as they get closer, Fizzy realizes she might be falling for the man behind the scenes instead of the men handpicked to be her soulmate.

Fizzy is great as a main character. It was nice to see her get her own book after meeting her in The Soulmate Equation. I really enjoyed the premise of this story, and the romance build up was perfection. You could really feel the chemistry between Fizzy and Connor.

(Open Door)

The Secret Book of Flora Lea

By: Patti Callahan Henry

When a woman discovers a rare book that has connections to her past, long-held secrets about her missing sister and their childhood spent in the English countryside during World War II are revealed. Hazel’s life is completely turned upside down when this book comes into her possession.

I’m a huge fan of Patti Callahan Henry and her take on historical fiction is unique and fresh. This story was so beautifully written. It provides mystery, historical events, and love all in one! 

(Open Door)

The Unselected Journals of Emma M. Lion

By: Beth Brower

The Year is 1883 and Emma M. Lion has returned to her London neighborhood of St. Crispian’s. But Emma’s plans for a charmed and studious life are sabotaged by her eccentric Cousin Archibald, her formidable Aunt Eugenia, and the slightly odd denizens of St. Crispian’s.

Emma M. Lion offers up her Unselected Journals, however self-incriminating they may be. Armed with wit and a sideways amusement, Emma documents the curious realities of her life at Lapis Lazuli House.

The first book in this series took me way too long to finish, but as I kept reading each book became more and more unputdownable! So, if you have to push through the first book do it, it is a lot of character and world building, but you are 100% going to love this series and it characters! Super slooooooow burn romance with witty banter and great characters!

(Closed Door)

Tom Lake

By: Ann Patchett

In the spring of 2020, Lara’s three daughters return to the family’s orchard in Northern Michigan. While picking cherries, they beg their mother to tell them the story of Peter Duke, a famous actor with whom she shared both a stage and a romance years before at a theater company called Tom Lake.

The chaos of Lara’s life as a young woman is juxtaposed with the serenity of her life now, and the two timelines fluidly alternate. It teaches us to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting

By: Sophie Irwin

Kitty Talbot needs a fortune. Or rather, she needs a husband who has a fortune. Left with her father’s massive debts, she has only twelve weeks to save her family from ruin. Kitty has never been one to back down from a challenge, so she leaves home and heads toward the most dangerous battleground in all of England: the London season.

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting was a book I couldn’t put down, full of splendid description, witty conversation, and slow-burn romance that delivers a truly enjoyable book. However, I wasn’t a fan a the sequel.

(Closed Door)

The Good Part

By: Sophie Cousins

Lucy Young is twenty-six and tired. Tired of fetching coffees for senior TV producers, sick of going on disastrous dates, and done with living in a damp flat with roommates who never buy toilet paper. Lucy stumbles upon a wishing machine. Pushing a coin into the slot, Lucy closes her eyes and wishes with all her might: Please, let me skip to the good part of my life.

Yes, this book has some time travel, but I loved seeing her wake up in her future life and her future son cracked me up. We are all guilty of sometimes wanting to be in a different part of life and this book puts that idea into perspective.

(Closed door)

Meet Me At The Lake

By: Carly Fortune

A random connection sends two strangers on a daylong adventure where they make a promise one keeps and the other breaks, with life-changing effects. The two of them eventually find each other again, but one of them is happy to see the other, while the other is not.

I really loved Carly’s first book Every Summer After, so I had high hopes for this and it lived up to them for me. The characters are well developed, the story is intriguing, and the conclusion will give you pause to think about when to give up on something and when to fight for what is important.

(Open Door)

The Seven Year Slip

By: Ashley Poston

An overworked book publicist with a perfectly planned future hits a snag when she falls in love with her temporary roommate…only to discover he lives seven years in the past.

Ashley Poston’s books are different. They bring something unique each time, while I didn’t love Dead romantics, I absolutely loved this book!

Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murders

By: Jesse Q. Sutanto

Vera Wong is a lonely little old lady, who lives above her forgotten tea shop in the middle of San Francisco’s Chinatown. One morning, Vera trudges downstairs to find a curious thing—a dead man in the middle of her tea shop. In his outstretched hand, a flash drive. 

This had everything I wanted in a cozy mystery: A good plot, funny main character, great setting and not OVERLY cozy. If you love corky characters with fun witty dialogue you will enjoy this book. 

Good Inside

By: Becky Kennedy

It’s the parenting book I think should have been essential reading for me, before I became a parent. ☺️ I think I have been a pretty intentional parent and done okay-ish, but I just love the reframe of some of my parenting ideas and thoughts after reading this book. It’s a great approach to parenting and helping you see yourself and your children better.  

Okay, I know I said 10 books and it was easy to pick them, but I am adding one honorable mention…because it was just so good as an audiobook!😍 

Remarkably Bright Creatures

(Audio with Bennett drive home from school)

By: Shelby Van Pelt

I read this book last year (2022), but listened to the audiobook with Bennett for the last month on our way home from school and I was reminded of just how much I love this book. Also, the audio of this book is just charming. 

Also, I have so many thoughts about listening to an audiobook with Bennett (freshman in high school). I will save them for another post.


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