Texas Book Festival


November 8, 2017


We had a fun few hours at the Texas Book Festival until a slanted curb brought all of the fun to a quick halt. You guys, it’s so silly….watch to the end of the video just to see how crazy our day got. I have a lot to say about this, but watch the video and then let’s talk below.

I was chasing after Martin when I turned too quickly and stepped down a curb and felt my whole ankle crunch! It sounded the way an empty water bottle would if you took and crushed it with your hands. The EMT’s thought it was dislocated.

The book festival had shut down so many streets surrounding us that it was too hard for us to get six kids and an injured adult human to the car. So, an ambulance it was. Let’s hope that is covered by insurance.😬 I am still nervous to get that bill.

Anyway, turns out it wasn’t dislocated, but is sprained reeeeeeeally bad. It’s bruised and soooooooooo swollen. The hardest part is not being able to get around and help my kids. It’s hard having your hands full with crutches and realizing you can’t carry a baby. Getting a bottle from the kitchen sink to a baby is tricky. And helping toddlers in and out of the shower, their cribs, getting them lunch etc. It’s all so tricky. So, glad it’s not broken. Praying it heals quickly.


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