Halloween Picture Books 2018


October 5, 2018

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These are our favorite “new-to-us” Halloween picture books! Some of them have been around for years and some of them are newly published, but after a few reads these are the books that have become the favorite new additions to our Halloween picture book collection.


So, light some candles and dim the lights for these spooky fun Halloween reads.

Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein

Written By: Linda Bailey
Illustrated By: Julia Sarda

The history of Mary, the woman who wrote Frankenstein at 18 years old told in a story form. A perfect introduction to Mary and her stormy childhood and what led her to dream up and write Frankenstein. Mary’s mother died when she was only 11 days old and her father was a stern man. Mary was also a troubled girl and at 18 she found herself in a house on a lake with 2 well known writers/poets, a doctor, and her step-sister. It was a stormy night and they challenged each other to write the scariest story they could dream up. Mary did exactly that.

The Widow’s Broom

By: Chris Van Allsburg

This book was originally published 25 years ago, but it is new to us. We had never read it until a few weeks ago! This is a longer book and could be a bit spooky, but my kids love it! Turn the lights down low and read it in candlelight to make it extra spooky fun!

Witches’ brooms don’t last forever. They grow old, and even the best of them, one day, lose the power of flight. And on one cold fall night a witches’ broom loses its power and lands in Widow Minna Shaw’s garden. Minna takes it in and finds it has has surprising powers and is a great help around her house. The townspeople deem it wicked and decide they must do away with it, hut Minna loves her new companion.






By: Lucy Ruth Cummins


The little pumpkin will win your heart. Stumpkin is a practically perfect pumpkin, however, he was missing his stem! Who would want a pumpkin that is missing his stem?!! Even the baby passing by in its stroller didn’t want poor little Stumpkin. As each of his friends we purchased and placed in apartment windows, his heart sunk a little lower, knowing Halloween was getting nearer and he might not find a window to sit in.



Fright School

Written By: Janet Lawler
Illustrated By: Chiara Galletti


I love a good rhyming book! And this one is adorably illustrated too. On dark autumn nights the monsters gather at school to train in the art of scaring trick-or-treaters. Mummies learn moaning sounds and ghosts learn to pass through walls. These monsters work hard and and a few weeks later each of the creatures take a test. Awards are handed out, but when a heavy thump falls on the school door, will the monsters be ready?


Scary, Scary Halloween

Written By: Eve Bunting
Illustrated By: Jan Brett

A classic written in 1986, but only now are we discovering its Halloween fun! I love that this book perfectly captures how at Halloween things might seem scary, but they are actually just silly and fun. Green eyes peer out from the darkness and spy spooky skeletons, cackling witches, and all the other monsters of the night. “Little ones, stay safe inside! Its best on hallowed Halloween.” Hush, a mother whispers to her littles ones who shiver in fear. But as the monsters leave they dare to step out into the night and have themselves some Halloween stalking fun.




Mother Ghost: Nursery Rhymes for Little Monsters

Written By: Rachel Kolar
Illustrated By: Roland Garrigue

This collection of familiar nursery rhymes turned on their heads for Halloween, will have kids smiling and laughing. Such a clever idea for Halloween and getting ready for the spooky night, with titles like What Are Little Bats Made Of, Mary Had a Little Ghost, Sing a Song of Witches, and so many more. This a fun collection of reinvented nursery rhymes with have your kids in the Halloween spirit in no time.




Samuri Scarecrow: A Very Ninja Halloween

By: Rubin Pingk

We loved the Christmas version of this book and were excited to learn their was a Halloween one coming out. And we were not disappointed. It’s Halloween and Yukio is excited fo celebrate! But whatever Yukio does, his younger sister Kashi does too. Yukio is fine and lets it happen, but when she copies his Halloween costume, he yells at her and says things he doesn’t really mean. Kashi runs to her room and doesn’t want to hear Yukio’s apology. Yukio wants to make it up to his adoring little sister and gathers candy for her too. However, Yukio finds himself faced by the Samuri Scarecrow and needing some help.




Sir Simon: Super Scarer

By: Cale Atkinson

This little ghost might be my favorite ghost ever. He is clever, funny, and super cute! He is a professional scarer and is here to tell us all what it is like to be a ghost, because it is NOT an easy job. He has haunted a lot of places, but is really excited about his newest transfer,…..a house! Finally! And the best news, it is rumored that the house belongs to an old couple, which is amazing because they are the easiest to haunt! The bad news, a haunted house calls for more ghost chores…those stairs don’t squeak and crack themselves and moving objects around the house takes time. Oh, a car is pulling up and Sir Simon can’t wait to meet the new people he gets to haunt!




  1. Sean Kaine says:

    We’d love to add our fun Halloween book, Skeleton’s ARE NOT Spooky! to your list. Would you have any interest in checking it out?

    Description: For everything that skeletons do for us, they sure do have a bad reputation for being spooky. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, they are actually a lot of fun? Perhaps they really dig hanging out at the park with great pals and taking bubble baths just like you and me. It’s about time we see just how absolutely UNspooky skeletons are in this entertaining tale for every body.


    Kaine and Duds

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