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October 26, 2018

I love board books and their sturdy durable goodness!  They can be shoved in my purse and carted around, p I don’t feel like I am going to lose it when I see my toddlers walking around the house carrying them by just-one-page. Little kids can be rough on books, but board books give them the security of being able to read independently and freely. And since it is Halloween I feel like I need to share some of my favorite Halloween board books.

Halloween Board Books

Halloween Trick or Treat:

Simple illustrations with color being the main focus.  I love that this book is Halloween, but also tackling a little learning by teaching kids about colors.

Trick or Treat Who’s That Hiding In The Dark:

A fun lift the flap (do watch these fragile paper flaps with little fingers) guessing game to find out who is hiding in the dark, featuring a wide variety of Halloween haunts.

Room On The Broom:

A classic book in board book form.  A witch adds more and more friends to her broom ride and when something bad happens to her, they come to her rescue!

Biscuit Visits The Pumpkin Patch:

A sweet little calm story about a visit to the pumpkin patch

Goodnight Goon:

A parody of Goodnight Moon with all sorts of monsters struggling to get to bed.

The Hallo-wiener:

Poor little Oscar the wiener dog, always being made fun of, can you imagine what will happen when his mom buys him a hot dog costume for Halloween?!

Mix and Match Halloween:

A fun interactive book with sturdy flaps that make different monsters–change just the feet, or just the head and create a whole new monster.

The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin:

Is lost on Halloween, but finds some help in a friendly witch passing by.

Babies Love Halloween:

A simple sturdy lift the flap book featuring familiar Halloween sights.

10 Busy Brooms:

A counting book featuring 10 little witches on Halloween night.

Brave Little Camper Saves Halloween:

When three racoons run off with farmer McDonald’s prize pumpkin, the Brave Little camper saves the Halloween parade.

Don’t Push The Button:

A fun interactive book, that has kids turning pages, ringing doorbells, and pushing buttons.

Peek-a-flap: Boo :

A sturdy lift the flap featuring fun Halloween facts and cute illustrations

Trick or Treat? :

Lift the flaps that hide Halloween creatures and ideas

Halloween Bugs:

Not technically a board book, but a FAVORITE of my toddlers and babies.  Each page has a lift-the-flap hiding fun monster bugs


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