Books + Snack: Some Bugs


November 27, 2018

My kids love a good book themed snack and I can’t blame them.  It is fun to do activities that make their favorite stories come alive. Also, I have found me new favorite aprons and they are made by Leisure Lane.  They are both stylish and totally genius in their design.  They slip right over a child’s head and require no tying–anywhere (See the photo below)! So dang smart. This isn’t sponsored, I just think they are great aprons and would make a good gift. And I know I am going to get people asking about the apron after seeing Stella in these photos. 🙂

We made these simple bugs out of fruit, pretzels, cashews, peanut butter, celery, and eye candy.  We first spread the peanut butter onto the celery and then added fruit, pretzels and cashews for heads and bodies. Get creative and cut big round cuts of apples or line up blueberries.  Then use a dab of honey or frosting (from a tube) to stick on eyeballs. Super simple, but a lot of fun and kids can get pretty creative in this activity.

We love the book Some Bugs.

Written By: Angela DiTerlizzi
Illustrated By: Brendan Wetzel

Its a simple rhyming story about bugs.  Featuring a variety of bugs from butterflies and moths to bumblebees and moths.  It encourages kids to grab their magnifying glasses and head outside to see what amazing creepy crawly bugs they might find.




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