Something That’s Been On My Mind Lately


July 10, 2017

We all learn how to be parents one day at a time.

It’s not an easy job and it’s not something that comes completely naturally. I don’t think there is a parent on earth who feels like they have totally “got it together.”

Kids, moods, ideas, issues, worries…..etc. change and sometimes from minute to minute. Every mom is different as is every child. If I have learned anything from having five kids it’s how different they all are! The way I potty trained one of my kids is totally different from how I approach it with another. The way a new situation affects one and completely leaves them feeling anxious or moody, doesn’t even phase another.

This means that moms not only parent each child differently, but also parent different from other moms AND we NEVER have everything figured out. How can we when our worlds and kids worlds are constantly changing? We are each learning as we go and adapting to the changes of our environment.

It takes work. Lots and Lots of work to live this way.It takes patience. Not just with your children, but with yourself too.

It takes commitment. You have to decide that you are going to follow through and help these kids not only with their daily struggles and joys, but also for the rest of forever. You will be their rock and source of comfort and guidance.

So, one of my greatest pieces of advice?

Learn how to Parent.

Look at other moms you admire and ask them for ideas, inspiration, and tips. There is nothing to be ashamed about to ask. You never know who you might talk to that will have just what you need to hear at that moment.


Read as many parenting books as you can for inspiration. You may pick up books on parenting and completely dislike them, that’s fine. Put it down and try a different one, there are plenty of others out there. See my post about parenting books I love and have changed my ways of parenting.

Never stop learning and reading. Because things do change and the situations you are going through change. Keep asking. Keep learning.


I know this isn’t for everyone, but this is quite often the place I start. It’s not always while I am kneeling in prayer that I receive my answers, but quite often I think I am inspired to talk with someone or someone is inspired to say something to me, because of these prayers for help and guidance. We have a loving Father in Heaven who wants us to succeed in these roles as mothers, so why wouldn’t he answer our prayers and sent help?

In conclusion, parenting is no walk in the park and you don’t have to have it all together…not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Just keep trying and learning AND be flexible. Also, give yourself a break, you are doing better than you think.


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