25 Days of Kindness

Family Life

November 15, 2019

Kindness is the QUICKEST way to help us and those around us feel noticed, soften hearts, and bring joy! The TRUE JOY, the kind makes you want to turn around and make someone else feel exactly how happy you feel. I love this time of year and the opportunity it brings for us to look beyond ourselves and serve and give to others. But sometimes we have every intention of doing good and just get busy and forget. We also have moments where we see a way to show kindness and support, but it is going to require more effort than we have time for at that moment. I wanted something to help our little family show kindness during this time of year that would help us focus on what is most important AND be easy enough that each child could *almost* completely pull off the ideas by themselves.

So, I created a list of ways to be KIND for 25 Days once finished with the project, I felt underwhelmed by my artwork, but I reluctantly shared it on instagram. When Dave from Stately Type saw it he graciously offered to collaborate and made the printable PERFECT! I love what he came up with and I am so excited to be able to share this little FREE printable with you!



25 Days of Kindness

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