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December 3, 2022

Christmas Picture Book 2022

There were quite a few new Christmas books published this Fall. And we have absolutely loved some of them, while others have fallen flat.

Want to know what books we have and haven’t enjoyed? Under each book I included our thoughts, because it‘s helpful to hear what books my kids and I actually enjoyed, not just what came out this Fall.

This isn’t an all inclusive list of Christmas books published this Fall, but the ones we actually read and what we thought of them.

The Twelve Cats of Christmas

By: Feather Flores


A fun take on the 12 Days of Christmas! Each day more cats are added to the mix to the tune of the familiar poem we all know and love. 

What We Thought:

My kids were totally drawn in by these adorable, mischievous little kitties. Cute illustrations and quick little read.  

Miss Mary’s Christmas Mittens

By: Trinka Hames Noble


Miss Mary loves her students and can wait to take them out into the snow to play, but quickly realizes the children are miserable and cold without mittens. Not to worry Miss Mary will knit them all mittens, but the store is completely out of yarn! What will Miss Mary do?

What We Thought:

Bright cheery and playful illustrations that drew everyone in. It was sweet and uplifting. A great reminder that the best gifts come from the heart. 

The Christmas Book Flood

By: Emily Kilgore


The Christmas Book Flood is an Icelandic tradition centering around gifting a book to someone on Christmas Eve. This tradition is brought to life in a lyrical rhyme and whimsical illustrations. 

What We Thought:

My kids were enamored by this idea and are begging to start this tradition in our home. It’s

Such a fun way to learn about a Christmas tradition from another country.

Unicorn Christmas: A Sparkly Holiday Adventure

By: Diana Murry


The unicorns are back and this time it’s almost Christmas and they have loads to do—trimming the tree, sending out cards, and singing songs! But when Santa arrives in the Unicorn Forest he is tired and not feeling well. But never fear the Unicorns are ready and can set in to save the day or night.

What We Thought:

We enjoyed the other two books in this series, so it was fun for my kids to see familiar characters on the page. This is a bright, playful, and cheery!   

Hello Tree

By: Alastair Heim


Ohhhh, Sneaky Fox is back and this time he’s looking to spruce up his home with Christmas decorations that aren’t his own! Everything is going according to plan, until Santa snows up.

What We Thought:

My kids loved the first book with sneaky fox (Hello, Door), so check out that book too! This is a cute rhyming book with few words and delightful illustrations. A fun book for getting into the Christmas spirit!

Season of Light

By: Jess Resman


This book celebrates the while Christmas season through beautiful poetic text and soft and sweet illustrations—from song, and giving, to snowflakes and silver bells. A beautiful reminder of what this whole season is all about.

What We Thought:

One of our top picks from this year! I love a good rhyming text and this book just sends that Christmas feeling straight to your heart, warming you from the inside out!

Through The North Pole Snow

By: Polly Faber


A little fox is prancing and playing in the snow when he finds a man’s (santa) home. He finds rows of empty shelves and wrapping paper strewn about. But as spring arrives and the snow melts the man begins making toys. When all the, once empty, shelves are filled he invites the fox to join him on a magical journey.

What We Thought:

This is a very gentle story with soft illustrations that shows a different take on what it looks like for Santa in the year leading up to Christmas. My kids enjoyed this, but kept wondering where the elves were?! 🙂

The Perfect Tree

By: Corinne Demas


Bunny is looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Her friends all give her advice on what to look for in the perfect tree…but sometimes the perfect tree is the one surrounded by friends! 

What We Thought:

This book is a little wordier than I felt like it needed to be. But it is a sweet story. The illustrations are simple and sweet.

The Best Gift For Bear

By: Jennifer A. Bell


Hedgehog has been busy making gifts for all her friends. But can’t decide what Bear would like! Bear has done so much for her, so this gift just has to show all the gratitude and love Hedgehog can manage. After the perfect present is ruined, what will Hedgehog give bear now?!

What We Thought:

Such a sweet and simple story, with charming illustrations and a cute message about gifting and what really matters when giving s gift. It also has a fun gingerbread recipe included in the book.

Counting To Christmas

By: Cottage Door Press


Create treasured memories and start new traditions each day of December leading up to Christmas. You will sing songs, read, stories, and bake with your kids the whole month.

What We Thought:

We have been loving this book! It’s a fun advent calendar full of festive fun to celebrate Christmas. It does require looking ahead and knowing what is on the calendar so you have supplies on hand for baking days, but not everyday is a big thing, so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming. But we might skip a few days here and there and just do as much as we can this month.

The Magic of a Small Town Christmas

By: Megan Alexander


Christmas has arrived in this small charming town, where trees are being picked, cookies are being baked, and lights are hung on the main street. This book celebrates small town living and makes Christmas look beyond magical!

What We Thought:

If I could move into this small town and feel this love and community, I would in a heartbeat! What a charming town portrayed with whimsical illustrations and very little text.

The Christmas Pine Tree

By: Julia Donaldson


Deep in the forest a small pine tree stands—growing taller and taller each year. This pine tree has a small destiny when it grows up. It’s going to be famous. One day the tree is cut down and sent off to a city square where it becomes a Christmas tree. Christmas Pine is based on a true story. It celebrates a tradition that stretched back over 70 years. Every year the Mayor of Oslo, Norway presents the British people with a spectacular Christmas Tree, a symbol of peace and friendship.

What We Thought:

We love this beautiful story, especially knowing it it based off a true story with the symbolic meaning of peace snd friendship tied to it. The text is short and sweet and the soft snd gentle illustrations pair perfectly with the story.  

Board Books:

Crinkle Bells

By: Jay Fleck


It’s Christmas Eve, and all the decorations are settling down foe bedtime, except for a pair of noisy bells!

What We Thought:

My kids love that this book can be both read and SUNG! They love touching the crinkly material on the bells. Cute bold illustrations with easy to read/sing text.

It’s Christmas Everywhere: Celebrations From Around The World

By: Hannah Barnaby


With ten days until Christmas this tree just wants to become a Christmas tree! It wishes for ornaments and tinsels and all the dressings, so when children from around the world start decorating it’s branches it couldn’t be more happy! Each ornament hung is accompanied by telling the reads a quick tradition it represents from somewhere in the world. 

What We Thought:

Adorable and educational! This is for sure a new favorite. Its fun how it can stand like a tree after you are done reading. The illustrations are bright, bold, and full a detail. I loved learning to traditions from around the world and loved the fun shape of this book

What Is Reindeer Going To Do?

By: Carly Madden


Can you guess what reindeer is about to do? Lift the flaps to reveal the answer to the question on each page. 

What We Thought:

Great thick board book pages for lifting the flaps. Colorful bold illustrations for capturing your little one’s attention and fun flaps for keeping them entertained. 

Books We Didn’t Get A Chance To Read, But Look Like They Have Potential To Be Good Ones…

The Good News Of Christmas

By: Rousseaux Brasseur

Sounding Joy

By: Ellie Holcomb

Little Bird Finds Christmas

By: Marianne Richmond

Strum And Drum

By: Jashar Awan


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