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August 6, 2019

There are so many amazing dinosaur books out there and I just want to share a few of our favorites to get you ready to read and craft for National Book Lover’s Day (August 9th). So, pick a few books off of this list to read with your kids and print the Free Dinosaur Finger Puppet printable (make sure to print these on card-stock) and you are good to go. Also, don’t forget to share with me by tagging me on IG @the.book.report, so I can see all your cute families taking part in National Book Lover’s Day.


Link for Dinosaur Finger Puppet printable:

Dino Roar

Books About Dinosaurs


Tiny T. Rex And The Impossible Hug

Tiny really wants to cheer up his friend and a hug seems like the perfect way to do this. But what happens when his arms are too short for the task?

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

(Really this whole series is so worth the read)
Honestly, It was hard to pick just one of these books to talk about. So, I picked this one just because it is the first one I ever read in the series and makes my heart melt every time I read it. Kids and Dinosaurs can be a lot alike in how they behave. Wink. Wink. They can be naughty as can be, but know just how to melt their parents hearts.

Dinosaur Juniors Happy Hatchday

Nine perfect eggs are waiting to hatch. But  eight hatch fast leaving one undone. These dinosaurs fresh out of their eggs start discovering so fast. When Greg finally hatched he feels out of the loop and lonely.

If You Happen To Have A Dinosaur

All the clever ways you can use a dinosaur in your everyday life, if you just happen to have one laying around.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

It is a clever take on the first day if school nerves and jitters. Only, this T. Rex is the only Dino in the classroom and every time he gets nervous he eats his classmates.

We Are The Dinosaurs

We are the dinosaurs
Marching, marching
We are the dinosaurs
A fun book to sing and read.

What Kind Of Car Does A T. Rex Drive?

When a Stegosaurs, Pterodactyl, and T. Rex all show up at the car lot to buy a car, the salesman is at a loss for what to sale them. Until a few clever kids step in to help.


This thick book features cartoon dinosaurs and their names on each of the thick beautiful pages. Kids will learn 20 dinosaur names.

Goldilocks And The Three Dinosaurs

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs is a new take on the fairy-tale classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears, so funny AND original!

Dinosaur vs. The Potty

A silly story about how dinosaur doesn’t need to use the potty…..but that’s not a victory dance, that’s a potty dance!

Tea Rex

This tea party is for a very special guest.
And it is important to follow some rule very important rules to make this Tea Party run smoothly.

Edwina The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct

Edwina wears prim hats and bakes the best cookies. But know-it-all named Reginald wants to spoil the fun with his facts about extinction, but Edwina and the others really don’t seem to care.

The Colorful World of Dinosaurs

This is a great resource for kids who want to know ALL the Dinosaur facts about their favorite Dinosaurs, and learn a few news ones too.

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