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January 26, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate ALL kinds of love!  The romantic side of love is the most common one to talk about around Valentine’s Day, but there are so many more kinds of love. The love we have for grandparents, friends, parents, and even ourselves are just as fun to talk about. I have rounded up a list of books that show the many ways that we can love during Valentine’s Day and all year around.

Two Hands To Love You

Written By: Diane Adams
Illustrated By: Paige Keiser

When a new baby arrives everyone wants to hold and love and share the world with it.  This simple heartfelt book will tug at your heartstrings and remind you of the hands that helped you learn and grow and rocked you to sleep.  Even as your little one grows two hands will be ready to catch them when they fall, but one day their two hands will be ready to do it all. This sweet story will show your kids how loved they are and remind you of your own parents and grandparents who have done so much for you.

Groggle’s Monster Valentine

Written By: Diana Murray
Illustrated By: Bats Langley

Groggle stay’s up ALL night making the perfect Valentine’s Day card.  He wants it to be perfect because it is for his very BEAST friend Snarlina.  As he searches the dark forest he finds all the perfect additions for his card–hear shaped leaves, bog slime.  But Groggle has a monsterous appetite and that is a problem, because with a gobble, crunch, and a slurp his valentine is gone!

Click Clack Moo, I Love You!

Written By: Doreen Cronin
Illustrated By: Betsy Lewin

It is Valentine’s Day on the farm and little duck is throwing a big barnyard dance to celebrate.  Little Duck works to get the barn in tip-top shape.  She hangs balloons and streamers from everything and makes a Valentine for everyone.


The Hug Machine

By: Scott Campbell

It’s a very simple story about a boy that hugs everyone and everything- from people, to animals, to food, to inanimate objects. He is a hugger and there is no way around it. NO one can resist his unbelievable hugs! This book encourages kids to hug and spread kindness.

This Is Not A Valentine

Written By: Carter Higgins
Illustrated By: Lucy Ruth Cummings

Nothing about this book is considered a Valentine.  No lacey or ruffled edges, no sappy love notes, or cheesy poems.  But it IS filled with handmade, sloppy love that notices the little things and truly just loves. Such a sweet story of the little things that make up love. Kids will see that love is more than just roses and love notes.

Love Is

Written By: Diane Adams
Illustrated By: Claire Keane

This sweet story tells the story of love between a little girl and her duck.  Love is learning together and growing closer and it is as much about letting go as it is about holding tight.  Kids will learn that sometimes when you love something (or someone) there is something better out there for them and you have to let them go spread their wings.

Groundhug Day

Written By: Anne Marie Pace
Illustrated By: Christopher Denise

Everyone wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Groundhog, but if he sees his shadow he will run back in his hole for six weeks! While the friends try to figure out the best way to keep Groundhog out of his hole, they don’t notice him step out and see his shadow.  They rush to his side and try to convince him to stay above ground and celebrate Valentine’s Day with them. This book encourages kids to embrace each others differences and work together as a team.


One Zillion Valentine’s

 By: Frank Modell

This is one of those books I grew up reading and I still love it! Milton and Marvin decide that Valentine’s Day is for everyone and set out to make cards for everyone in their neighborhood! They want everyone to feel special and loved on Valentine’s Day. They slip their handmade Valentine’s under everyone’s doors and with the card the have left over they sell them for 5 cents so other people can feel the joy of giving.  This is a great book for teaching generosity and helping kids see what random acts of kindness can do for others.

The Day It Rained Hearts

By: Felicia Bond

My Mom read this book to me around Valentine’s Day every year, so it holds a special place in my heart. One day while Corneila is walking home it begins to rain hearts. She excitedly collects them.  Spreading them out she knows just who to give these special hearts to and quickly makes Valentine’s for her friends.


Bagel In Love

Written By: Natasha Wing
Illustrated By: Helen Dardik

Bagel loves to dance and it looking for a dance partner for the Cherry Jubilee Dance Contest.  But he is having a hard time finding anyone that wants to be his partner.  This book is filled with food puns and true love. This is a fun book celebrating love, witty humor, and teaching kids to never give up on their dreams.


That’s Me Loving You

Written By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Illustrated By: Teagan White

When Soft breezes give kisses and shimmering stars offer winks of encouragement, the world around you takes on a whole new light.  Wherever you go and whatever you do know that I am always thinking of you and loving you.  This book will help kids know that even when they are far from the people they love that those people never stop loving them and thinking of them.


Here Comes Valentine Cat

Written By: Deborah Underwood
Illustrated By: Claudia Rueda

Cat is NOT a fan of Valentine’s Day and when his new neighbor dog keeps tossing bones on his head Cat decides to teach him a lesson.  But Cat learns quickly, to not be to hasty and jump to conclusions, because maybe, just maybe Dog isn’t so bad after all. Kids learn to not jump to conclusions and to ask questions, and be kind.


How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

Written By: Jane Yolen
Illustrated By: Mark Teague

This book is a tribute to how kids can be so naughty and then quickly do the sweetest thing ever.  “Out in the Sandbox you threw lots of Sand, You ran from the slide after slapping my hand, but then you turned with a smile I adore…I Love you, I Love you, my dinosaur.” This is a great book for showing unconditional love and will tug at your heartstrings.


Mirabel’s Missing Valentines

Written By: Janet Lawler
Illustrated By: Olivia Chin Mueller

Mirabel is timid and shy and the thought of passing out valentines makes her completely nervous.  Yet, she pulls out her art things and busily gets to work making Valentine’s for each of her classmates.  On the way to school Mirabel doesn’t notice her sweet valentines dropping out of a hole in her sack. Each dropped card cheers up and unsuspecting person who finds it, but poor Mirabel panic’s when she discovers the cards are missing.  This book will teach kids about kindness, helping others, and making new friends.


Zombie in Love

Written By: Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrated By: Scott Campbell

Mortimer is looking for a Valentine to take to Cupid’s Ball, but the dance is just a few weeks away and he isn’t having any luck.  For some reason the ladies find him and his gifts repulsive or frightening.  He tries finding a date at the gym, but his arm keeps falling off.  He tries dance lessons, but the ladies find him a bit stiff.  How is a guy supposed to find a ghoul? Teaches kids to just be themselves and look for the good in other people.


What Do You Love About You?

By: Karen Lechelt

There is a lot to love about what makes you…YOU! Such a great book for talking about what we love about ourselves and those around us.  Chipmunk loves his cheeks…They help him blow kisses. Giraffe loves his neck…It helps him touch the stars.  This book teaches kids that we are all special in our own way.


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