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February 24, 2023

This post contains affiliate links.

But I do want the record to show that I bought this program with my own money, used it to teach some of my kids to read. Then I loved it SO much, I reached out and asked to be an affiliate with them.

I have taught all six of my kids to read with varying programs/outside resources and I can say without a doubt Dash Into Learning has been my favorite way! It’s an easy to follow program with clear directions on how to get kids to start decoding text, sounding out words, and stringing them into sentences.

The program is beautifully made! There are other beginning readers out there and the programs are fine, but these sweetly illustrated books blow them out of the water. But they aren’t just pretty to look at these books pack a major punch of learning too—WITHOUT being overwhelming to the parent or teacher using them (which is also a big deal to me). I want a program that I don’t need to be specially trained in or spend hours reading to understand how to teach it, I just don’t have time for that. And I am guessing you don’t either.

So, enter Dash Into Learning!

This is a complete phonics programs for very beginner readers! As your kids dive in they will be taught the very first sounds and a few sight words needed to start reading.

The program covers short vowels, blending CVC words, most consonants, and some sight words.
Strong focus on blending sounds and learning to DECODE words on their own — No guessing! Which in my opinion is hugely important. Learning phonics so kids can sound out words sets kids up for success in reading.

All of the learning will be happening and you won’t need to put hours of prep into teaching! The “Parent Guide Book” explains the steps for teaching the program. It will also give you some tips and tricks.

In the front of each of the little books, there is a built in mini lesson. It’s quick and easy to follow.

Motivational sticker charts and Dash and Dot (the horses featured in this book series) help kids master tracking the words with their finger and give a fun incentive to your child as they read and master each book.

Why choose this program?

  • ​Phonics “mini lesson” in each book keeps the program simple.
  • Easy step by step instructions on how to teach your child
  • Innovative “Blending Path” to teach children to blend sounds — an important part of reading that’s missed in most programs.
  • Lovely, sweet illustrations that enhance the story and don’t create the bad habit of guessing instead of reading.
  •  Phonics and sight word progression is logical, easy, and not overwhelming.

I hope this is helpful! We have tried so many different programs for teaching our kids to read, but this is the best one I have used. I am so glad I found it a few years ago. Let me know if you have any questions about the program.


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